Alternative To Cutting:  This service is for the control of preemergence and postemergence annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds where bareground is desired.  Areas such as parking lots, rail road sidings and building perimeters without landscaping are typical locations that will benefit from this application.  Unwanted vegetation can cause many health and safety hazards as well as detracts from the aesthetic value of your property.  If your facility is subject to food safety audits, inspections from fire marshals or other government agencies, the existence of noxious weeds may subject you to less than desirable scores and possible fines.

All Season Control:  This service is based on an annual power application that will sterilize the soil to prevent new growth as well as defoliate any plants that already exists.  This treatment is guaranteed to prevent weeds from coming back for the rest of the growing season.  If weeds do emerge from treated areas, Progressive Pest Control will retreat those areas at no additional charge.  We believe that you will agree this is a much more cost effective way of controlling unwanted vegetation than multiple cuttings throughout the growing season.