Specialized Techniques:  Many people get Fumigation confused with other forms of conventional pest control.  Fumigation is not for odor control, or a type of mist or fog.  Fumigation is the introduction and aeration of a toxic gas into a sealed structure or space.  This specialized form of pest control requires a highly skilled and licensed technician to be safely preformed. A fumigant is a gas and acts as separate molecules. This allows the fumigant to penetrate and exit the materials being fumigated.  Because of this characteristic many food products are safe to be consumed after being fumigated.  Another beneficial characteristic of fumigants are their ability to kill all stages of pests life and reach areas that are inaccessible to other pest management techniques.

Because of fumigations unique characteristics it may be the most effective form of pest control for your individual needs.  Although most fumigations are limited to the food processing and overseas shipping industries, there are many other situations that a fumigation by Progressive Pest Control may benefit you.